Colour Matching

Granlyn excels in offering an extensive assortment of colour matching solutions tailored specifically for the automotive sector. Our offerings encompass a diverse range of paints, primers, clear coats, and additional coatings essential for vehicle refinishing and restoration.

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Precision Colour Matching

Granlyn offers a full colour matching service, utilising spectrometer technology directly within our branch for accurate colour analysis. We have the capability to accurately identify and match colours. With our advanced spectrometer technology, we assess the colour composition of a paint code or substrate, ensuring precise colour matching for your specific needs. 


Whether it's matching a particular shade or replicating a unique colour, our skilled and experienced full time colour technicians interpret the data to generate an accurate colour match, tailored precisely to your specifications. Rely on Granlyn for dependable colour matching solutions backed by accuracy, experience and expertise.


Precision Colour Matching

Onsite, Local Paint Mixing

Granlyn boasts comprehensive, onsite mixing facilities. Our team of experienced colour technicians have the ability to mix small or large volumes with extreme accuracy. With over 30 paint products, we can provide bespoke mixes for a wide range of market sectors in sizes from 250ml up to 200 litres. Whether it’s industrial, commercial vehicle, automotive, or specialist, solvent or water-borne, Granlyn has you covered.



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Why Granlyn?

Granlyn's acknowledged expertise and experience along with our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes us the preferred choice. Whether you're involved in accident repair, vehicle refurbishment or new build, Granlyn has the knowledge and expertise to support your business every step of the way.

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Customer Service
Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. Whether you spend £100 or £100,000 we treat each customer with care and will go the extra mile for all.
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Competitive pricing
We are a large, independent supplier with competitive commercial propositions to any size organisation.
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Same day delivery
We provide same day delivery on orders placed before 8am. We have an emergency van that we can use in the afternoon should a customer be out of stock of an item that they are desperate for.
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⁠Mixing facilities
With our own onsite facilities and access to expert technical support services, we can offer training programs designed to enhance your workforce skills and knowledge.
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Customised Solutions

As coating specialists, Granlyn provides customised coating solutions to suit your requirements. Whether it's a minor touch-up or a large-scale job, we're equipped to deliver. Our commitment to flexibility guarantees the perfect colour match for you, regardless of its scale or complexity.


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