With Metalier, any substrate can be transformed to look like solid metal, due to its innovative cold-spray composite technology. Whether for interior or exterior applications, Metalier offers a versatile solution that combines aesthetics with durability.

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Liquid Metal Coating Innovation

Metalier is a liquid metal applied with a binder, resulting in a finish with a remarkable 95% metal content. The process involves applying ground-down metal with a binder, which is then sanded down to reveal a metallic surface. This unique technique creates a decorative metal coating that is suitable for a wide range of surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.


Liquid Metal Coating Innovation

Transforming Surfaces with Metalier

Metalier transforms surfaces. Whether you want to enhance interior decor or bolster the resilience of outdoor surfaces, Metalier's cold-spray composite technology delivers outstanding outcomes. 


With various finishes available, from patinas to waxes and polishes, Metalier enables you to personalise your metal finish to match your distinctive style and preferences.

Transforming Surfaces with Metalier

Metalier's system for decorative metal coating comprises two main elements

The first component is the binder, which holds utmost significance in Metalier's decorative metal coating system. Years of continuous research and development have gone into formulating the special ingredients contained in the binder. Without Metalier's binders, the essence of Metalier Coatings and its decorative metal system would be lost.


There are three binder options available:

Solvent-based binder
Water-based binder
Flexible water-based binder

Each formulation serves specific applications and offers distinct benefits. The choice of binder depends on factors such as the substrate and whether the surface is horizontal or vertical. 


The next component is the metals. The Metalier decorative metal system offers a variety of metal options, including:


Brass (gold and green)
Bronze (regular, smoky, chocolate, oil-rubbed, and gunmetal)
Copper (dark, salmon, black, and dusky)
Iron (rust)
Nickel silver and gunmetal silver
Gold (champagne, classic, and rose)

The extras play a crucial role in the Metalier metal finishes system. You wouldn’t be able to create our textures without the thickener and you certainly need thinner and Hot Weather Retardant (for the water-based system) in warmer climates. 


We have also created our own range of patinas and have imported into the range a Metal Nano Coat to seal the metal finishes and prevent oxidisation.


Metalier decorative metal system offers many benefits. Firstly, it provides excellent surface protection and offers dramatic visual appeal. Secondly, it enables a lightweight, real metal finish to be cost-effectively applied over complex surfaces.


Additionally, it offers a seamless metal coating solution and presents a variety of surface textures. With a high metal content, it results in an extremely strong, durable metal coating that is waterproof and UV resistant. When used in conjunction with primers and sealers, it provides a high level of surface protection, resisting knocks, cracking, and peeling. 


It does not shrink after application, does not support a flame, and is non-conductive and non-galvanic. Lastly, all metal finishes, except iron, are non-magnetic.


Learn more here at the Metalier website - https://www.metaliercoatings.com/uk/



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