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At Granlyn, we provide a wide selection of leading consumable brands from the world's top manufacturers. Granlyn is dedicated to offering the best products at the right prices to meet every customer's needs and expectations. To achieve this, we have built strong relationships with the industry's leading manufacturers and major wholesale suppliers. These partnerships allow us to offer our customers some of the best brands available at highly competitive prices.

consumbale brands



At 3M, the art and science of automotive collision repair is a crucial part of our longstanding connection to our customers. For decades we have crafted abrasives, adhesives and coatings to solve the latest auto body repair demands.






Our capacity for cutting-edge technology assures that our tools and systems are easy to work with, which guarantees a consistent result and a high-quality finish. We approach every job with the same repeatable process, suitable for every professional. This ensures a top-quality finishing on all kinds of surfaces when manufacturing vehicles. We provide solutions for finishing the body in white, both steel and aluminium, e-coat and primer applications.





Roar Advanced Finishing Ltd was conceived by a group of talents who have over 30 years’ experience within car refinish, automotive and composite finishing industries. We have invested heavily in research & development, fully automated computer controlled manufacturing and an offsite technical training centre. That combined with a fantastic team of passionate professionals and you have yourself one of the world’s premium rectification specialists.






ETALON brand guarantees extensive expertise and top quality performance. Our goal is to provide you a full system of professional products, with vast product lines covering everyday needs of automotive professionals. Alexport Company has a vast network of wholesale distributors in over 30 countries around the world. Comprehensive after sales service, technical and marketing support together with dynamic and modern brand guarantees our success.



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U-POL is a World leader in automotive refinishing products specialising in fillers, coatings, aerosols, adhesives and paint related products. U-POL has a comprehensive range of fillers and coatings and we are uniquely positioned to deliver solutions developed, tested and approved for the modern bodyshop. We know your reputation matters and that’s why U-POL is investing in future innovation, to help your team get it right first time, every time.






Tetrosyl aim to provide a complete refinishing solution to Body Shop Professionals around the globe. Working to enable our customers to streamline their refinish processes, meaning their customers are getting a high quality body repair work. Providing a range of products from ultra-lightweight bodyfiller to enable quick and easy repair of bodywork dents.



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When it comes to engineering and producing premium quality masking tapes, we are the experts. But when it comes to testing and continually improving our tapes in accordance with industry trends and changes, the true professionals are our customers. That’s why we listen to them daily, incorporating their ideas and requests into our research and development program.



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Capella is an industry leader with a unique history of working closely with our customers. We recognise that our team is a massive part of what makes us great. Our entire team bring many, many years of valuable experience and enjoy regular training and personal development because at Capella Solutions Group, serving you is our top priority.



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Starcke manufacture high-quality sanding discs and abrasive belts at affordable prices. Compatible with a wide range of machine sanders, floor edgers and disc sanders. Available with Aluminium Oxide, Silicon Carbide or Zirconium coatings on either paper or velcro backings.






With years of building solutions for the automotive spray paint guns, DeVilbiss Automotive Refinishing understands industry technology and trends to ensure that our automotive spray paint guns fit many applications. We know nothing is more valuable than the “Wow” factor when delivering the finished product to your customer. We aim to equip painters with the necessary automotive spray paint guns to make this possible.






Our community of scientists, engineers, visionaries and all of our partners are working every day to turn possibilities into real world answers that help humanity thrive. Explore how DuPont is shaping a better world.






Farécla Products Ltd is a manufacturer of polishing compounds and surface finishing products which are used on a wide variety of substrates. From polishing compounds and applicators, to polishing machines and microfibre cloths, Farécla has provided surface finishing solutions to automotive bodyshops, detailers, boat builders, woodworkers, composite manufacturers and other industrial applications since 1952, now in over 120 countries.



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StarChem Ltd is a manufacturer of tack cloths and supplier of a vast array of paint refinishing products. Our products find application in various industries, including car repair, car manufacture, aircraft maintenance, powder coating and metal finishing, boat building and repair, as well as furniture manufacturing.






The consistently high standards of development, production and marketing of coated abrasives have earned the company a number of globally recognized accreditations over the years. Research & Development plays a crucial role in the ongoing development of technically advanced, high performance abrasive materials. Only the highest quality raw materials and FEPA compliant mineral grains are used, thus providing consistency of performance and efficiency across the abrasive grit range.






Today, with a team of over fifty people, JTAPE produces and sells an extensive range of exceptional quality products worldwide. JTAPE’s core portfolio features around 50 individually designed products and the team have produced over 2000 individual product lines which are manufactured and distributed into diverse markets including automotive, marine, aerospace, construction, industrial, rail, trade and creative sectors all over the world. 






Henkel’s TEROSON is the driving brand for bonding, sealing, coating, acoustic, stiffening and reinforcing solutions in OEM transportation assembly, vehicle repair and maintenance (VRM) , industrial assemblies and building industry applications. TEROSON has over 120 years of brand history and has achieved nearly one billion euro in 2018 global revenues. The TEROSON brand represents a global and scalable technology, offering extensive market and application competence.





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